Radio Station

Created by Jocelyn Guillaume in 2003, Radio Oxygen was initially started to educate people about deforestation and to end the cycle, hence the name, Radio Oxygen.  Now the radio runs seven days a week from 5am to 10pm. The radio plays all genres of music and offers social, recreational, informational and educational programs. The radio has one paid staff and many volunteers.

Baptist Bethel Church

Leopold Luc Guillaume first came to Plaisance and started his ministry of helping people with physical needs as a Doctor.  He would take people into his home and care for them.  Sometimes the patients would visit the voodoo doctors and nothing would happen so they would send them to Mr.Guillaume's home to get treated.  He would take care of their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs by teaching them about Christ.  He started to build the Church with those who became followers of Christ through his medical care.  They started meeting outside his home in a tent for church.  He sent those who came from two or more hours away to start a church in their own village.  This ministry began in 1957 with a small congregation and Mr.Guillaume became a pastor in 1986.  Now, we have many who come to our main church and we also have eleven churches that were pioneered out of Mr.Guillaume's Ministry in the surrounding villages.

Athletic Program- Soccer, Tennis and Track

In 2008 we started a junior tennis academy with eighty members. They took over the junior circuit in Haiti winning all the trophies from first to third place in the U-10, U-12, U-14 and U-16 categories. We continued training for two years and won titles, representing Haiti in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA, Salvador, and Honduras. After the January 12th, 2010 earthquake, all competitions stopped because the tennis courts became tent cities for refugees. The France Tennis Association allowed two of our players to go and train in France for six months.


In December 2011, Foundation Guillaume raised money which allowed four players to go to Florida to participate in the Orange Bowl Tennis Tournament, one of the biggest Junior competitions in the World. Since then, our four best players have been living in Florida, where they go to school, train and compete. All are sponsored for their professional careers.


We now hold training in Plaisance and in Port-au-Prince after-school and on the weekends. We continue to train and send some of our players to compete in competitions.


We also hold two soccer tournaments every year. The first one is between all the elementary and high schools in Plaisance. There are twelve elementary schools and four high schools that participate. There are a total of forty six games in the season which is from January until May. At the end of the season the top two teams compete for the title. The second tournament is held every summer which is an open tournament. We have sixteen teams divided into four groups who compete for the title.


We have a track and field program for the children of Foundation Guillaume. We hold one open track tournament every year to determine the fastest sprinter and the fastest long distance runner. 





Laboratoire Informatique Educatif Novateur is being created to help the people of Plaisance have access to internet.

Computer Lab

Housing Project

Hurricane Matthew destroyed many homes in Plaisance and the surrounding area. Having generous people fundraise the money to have new homes built for those with a real need has been a huge blessing.


There are still so many families without homes and we continue to help rebuild Plaisance. 


If you would like to help raise funds for a deserving family, contact us for information.