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How did we get started??

It all started as a love story when Doctor Leopold Luc Guillaume came from the city of Les Cayes, Haiti and went on a medical mission trip to a village named Plaisance. Then is when he met and fell in love with the beautiful lady Fernesia. He then ended up moving to Plaisance, Haiti and marrying Fernersia. He had a servant's heart taking care of all those in need. He took patients into his home and looked after them. He took care of every patient the same whether they could pay or not. Madam Luc and Doctor Guillaume took care of many children who did not have any food or place to sleep.


To this day Madam Luc is still taking care of several children. Madam Luc and Doctor Guillaume have five of their own children. One of their four sons Jocelyn Guillaume officially started the Foundation Leopold Luc Guillaume after his Father's death in 2001. Their only daughter Lynn Joseph started Mission of Grace in Carries, Haiti. Mission of Grace and Foundation Guillaume are partnering together to make a difference here in Plaisance. Since 2001 Dr. Luc's legacy continues and his impact is still very evident throughout the community.

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