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School Sponsorships


The School

Ecole Leopold Luc Guillaume was started by Leopold Luc Guillaume in 1986. He started this school to provide free education for those that couldn't afford it otherwise.

In 2010, Foundation Guillaume transitioned this school into an age-appropriate school, still tuition-free.The students that attend our school are receiving a top-notch education. In addition to the core curriculum, they are also learning English, Spanish, Computer Science, Library and Music.  

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How much is it to sponsor a student?

For $300 annually you can sponsor one of our students at Ecole Luc Leopold Guillaume and partner with us in educating the next generation of leaders.

Your sponsorship will provide your student with a uniform, books, supplies and help to cover the cost of the teacher’s salary. It is an additional $35 a year to provide a hot meal for the year per student.

Your sponsorship will allow our school to continue to grow and provide our students with the education they need to become leaders and respectful citizens of Haiti and around the World.

There are currently 145 students in 1-10th grade and 120 students in the Kindergarten classes.

*Pictures of individual students to sponsor are on Students tab*

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