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Foundation Guillaume Medical Clinic


At the Medical Clinic, we see patients from Plaisance, which has 27,000+ residents, and surrounding communities.  Some patients have been known to walk one to two hours to come to our clinic.

     We have four hospital beds to meet the needs of our patients around the clock if needed.  We also have a laboratory to better determine the correct diagnosis.  Our pharmacy is well stocked and we are able to treat many patients with a variety of necessary treatments.  We hope that one day our clinic will be fully supported to be able to offer treatment at no cost.

     On staff, we currently have two doctors, a nurse, laboratory technician, pharmacy technician, and a pastor. Most of the procedures are free to our patients and then some do have a price for the patient. For this reason, we need sponsors to help pay for medications, staff, and testing. Any amount will help monthly or as a one time gift.

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