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Board of Directors

Jocelyn Guillaume - CEO


The Founder and President of Foundation Guillaume is the backbone to the community, devoting his time and money to the Foundation.  He desires to make Plaisance the best place it can be.  He divides his time equally between his family in the United States and the community of Plaisance du Sud.

Patricia Camilien - COO


Patricia is a very smart, talented and creative young woman. She has used our limited finances to go further and to do more than you could imagine. She is a University professor in Port-au-prince and helps with the Foundation as much as possible to make sure everything run smoothly.

Madam Luc - President


Madam Luc is the woman that has kept the Foundation together all these years.  She truly has a servant’s heart from dawn to dusk as she is serving others.  Her faith in Christ is the most important thing to her in her life.

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