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All donations are greatly appreciated as they are all acts of love in which we are thankful for. Foundation Guillaume is also tremendously appreciative of items such as any clothes, shoes, socks, diapers, toiletries,children games, accessories, books etc. These items will surely not go to waste and will be used by families for generations. Check below for an address to send these to. Thank you again for your love and compassion.

- Sponsor a family of 5 in Plaisance for $100 a month
- Cover a pregnant woman's dr visits, prenatal care & medical tests for the entire 9 months for $150
-Sponsor a young woman with sanitary pads every month for $1 a month
- Feed a child at the school, 5 days a week, for $50 a month (due to covid & inflation in the country, the daily meal provided at the school has stopped, which was several of these kids only real meal each day)
- Build a house for a family of 3 or less for $3000 (one bedroom)
- Build a house for a family of 4 or more for $5000 (two bedroom)

Address to send items for Foundation Guillaume:
8843 Morgan Landing Way, Boynton Beach, FL 33473, United States

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